Sample Syllabi (click course to download syllabus)

Eng 602 Approaches to Teaching Poetry

Eng 225 South Asian Literature

FYS 190_Strangers in the Metropolis

Eng 680 Current Issues in Teaching English

GA 200 Global Awareness: India

Eng 217 Novels of Empire, Fall 2004

Eng 217  Novels of Empire, Fall 2015

Eng 110 Craft of Writing

Eng 660 Law & Ethics for Teachers of English

Eng 352 Postcolonial Literature

Eng 352 Postcolonial Literature: Australia and the Caribbean

Eng 352 Postcolonial Literature: African Literature and Film

Eng 352 Postcolonial Studies: Modern South Asian and Middle Eastern Literature & Film

FYS Narratives of the Afghan People

Eng 302 Senior Poetry Workshop

Eng 321 Studies in Romanticism: Oriental Influences, Imperial Designs

Eng 321 Studies in Romanticism: British Romantic Poetry, Spring 2015

Eng/GA 203 Global Awareness: Romantic Britain, Spring 2015

Eng. 202_Introduction to Poetry Writing

Eng 206 Introduction to Creative Writing (multi-genre), Summer

Eng 206 Introduction to Creative Writing (multi-genre), Spring 2016

Eng 322 Victorian Poetry and Prose

Eng. 322, Victorian Bildungsroman

Eng 322 Studies in Victorian Fiction–The Brontë Sisters

Eng 219 Gothic

Eng 240 Literature and Leadership